The General Rectory created it with the purpose of promoting and integrating the multidisciplinary research carried out in its five headquarters on water. It is divided into five thematic areas and a transversal one called Culture of water.

RedAgUAM coordinating committee

  • Operational body made up of UAM academics committed to organizing the activities of the water network.
  • The different fields and Units are represented.
  • Implements and, where appropriate, manages institutional initiatives and projects of the Network.
  • Organizes and communicates with members of the Network. Maintains directory.
  • Informs, through the page, on activities, project proposals, research results, calls.
    Organize forums for discussion and action on water.
  • Establishes links with other national and international networks
  • Formed by:
    • General coordinator
    • Coordinators of thematic areas
    • Representatives of the Gota de Agua and Sierra Nevada Museum.


General project coordination

Dr. Oscar Monroy Hermosillo

Thematic areas

Management and governance and institutionality

It will address, among other aspects, the social processes of collective action in the area of resource management, including political, legal, sociological, anthropological and cultural matters.

Coordinator: Dra. Delia Montero. Participants: Eugenio Gómez, Carlos Vargas, Fabiola Sosa, Abigail Martínez, Gloria Soto, Raúl Hernández Mar


Scientific innovation and development

It will incorporate initiatives and results in terms of patents and prototypes focused on solving problems in the field of resource management: quality, availability, health safety or treatment..

Coordinator: Dr. José Félix Aguirre. Participants: Óscar Monroy, Eugenio Gómez, Gloria Soto.


Wellness and health

It will focus on access to supply sources, consumption patterns, substitution, or implications of degradation derived from use models. .

Coordinator: Dr. Roberto Constantino. Participant: Javier Velázquez..


Development, environmental change and ecosystems

It will make contributions related to sustainability, global environmental change and the transformation of urban, rural, terrestrial, lake and maritime socio-ecosystems.

Coordinator: Dr. Gustavo Cruz. Participants: Marta Chávez, Fabiola Sosa, José Félix Aguirre, Eloisa Domínguez.


Human rights, gender and indigenous peoples

It will focus on the analysis of proposals that contribute to reducing the gap between the urban and rural levels; It will also take care of those who, due to conditions of gender, poverty, marginalization or exclusion, suffer limitations in access to water.

Coordinator: Dra. Abigaíl Martínez. Participants: Carlos Vargas, Fabiola Sosa, Pedro Moctezuma.


Cross-sectional area. Water Culture

Diffusion, university extension training